New Beginnings

This website was hacked by some deluded person or some random bot, forcing us to relaunch from scratch. Two things spring to mind. First, how grateful I am that I know a talented and incredibly fast website guru, who has leapt to my rescue so many times in the past and who came through once more. Second, that this offers an opportunity to start anew in some way. Perhaps to be more active in sharing thoughts, images, ideas, poems, practice. To invite others to take part more often. And to work on communicating how everything is linked.

During the coronavirus crisis, there has been a growing realisation among those who may not have considered or believed it before, that us humans are all interconnected. What one person does will matter in some way to everyone else.

Now it is time to link this to the rest of the natural world, because however we rank humanity, we are all mammals and part of a huge (but not infinite) ecosystem, which is part of a vast (and possibly infinite) space. We used to think the earth was the universe, then we thought the universe was the biggest picture, and then we gave up thinking about it and went shopping instead.

The UN Environment has summed up nicely the feedback loops that can happen as a result of how we treat the environment. This has always been the case, but perhaps for the first time we are experiencing the same thing as individual people across the globe and it is frightening to all, regardless of our income level, race, gender or belief system. This corona virus has generated in just a couple of months a level of political will to act that climate change has failed to ignite in several decades. Can we learn from this?